Cornudas, TX Information

May Carson - Mayor May - Single owner Township
Salt Flat Area, Hudspeth County, West Texas
Hwy 62/180
Farm Road 2317
53 miles E of El Paso
42 miles NW of Sierra Blanca
103 miles SW of Carlsbad, NM
Population: 4 (2011)

History of Cornudas, TX
The township was named for the Cornudas Mountains, fourteen miles to the north. The settlement was founded in 1938, when a post office was opened for the area's cattle ranches. It closed within the first year of operation. Mrs. Willie Tinnin had been appointed the postmistress. Mrs. Tinnin established the Cornudas Cafe and ran it until her death. Then her son Lee Tinnin took over.

Six miles south of the highway was a El Paso Natural Gas pumping station 2. At Station #2 there were twelve company houses, four duplexes, the recreation hall, the schoolhouse, and the teacher's house. About two miles east of Station #2 is Cornudas Station's five houses. The Cornudas Station comperssor is still there, but all of the houses have been sold and moved. The Rec hall was used for dances, pot luck suppers, and sometimes (when they could get a preacher) maybe church services, but you would probably have to move the pool table and jukebox.

If you look at a map of Cornudas you will find FM 2317 goes south then turns hard east. If you you go about a mile due west of the turn - there used to be a very big collection of Yuccas. That was back in 1968. 30 years change a lot of things. - Eddie Stephens, September 06, 2006

In 1982 May Carson bought Cornudas township from Lee Tinnin and continued running the Cornudas Cafe. For 22 years everyone knew May Carson and the rich history of the Cornudas Cafe.

In 2004, May decided to sell Cornudas Township on the internet. Cornudas was sold to Mr. Wallace a developer from Florida. Mr. Wallace bought some old buildings in El Paso and had them moved to Cornudas. He had great plans and spent a lot of money setting up Wallacetown USA. Mr. Wallace ran into some legal issues in Florida and ended up in prison for fraud.

Cornudas was returned to May Carson in 2008 and re-opened the Cornudas Cafe in 2009 much to the joy of the locals and truckers, who missed her dearly.

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