You will never be more...

You will never be more Holy, more righteous, more sanctified, more perfect, more redeemed than the moment you were quickened by the Spirit of God and made spiritually alive by a power other than your own, then sealed by the infilling of His Spirit! He chose us and is MADE unto us wisdom, righteousness, redemption and sanctification! In Gods eyes, we stand perfect, hidden in Christ, seated with Him in heavenly places, beloved as sons and daughters.

We start out perfect in Christ, otherwise we could have NO fellowship with the Father, as sin would separate us from Him. He DEMANDS PERFECTION, and will axccept nothing less, "be ye perfect as your Father which is in heaven is perfect".

How you ask? Only believe! Believe in the only one who can save! Look and live. Get your eyes on Jesus. Quite struggling and this lifeguard will bring you safely to shore! Enter into the Rest (Sabbath ) STOP believing you have anything to DO with God's plan of salvation!

If the gift has been offered, faith has been given, simply in great gratitude and humility accept it as the lowly, broken, totaly depraved creature, that you are, and in many or some ways will continue to be, until this corruption puts on incorruption, this mortal puts on imortality and we step out of this tent of flesh, never to sin again. Man at his BEST state is altogether vanity.

Untill that blessed time, fight the GOOD fight of faith, (some days you are the windshield, some days you are the bug), let no man judge you (who are we to judge another mans servant) there is NO commendation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit! Yes, if a brother or sister is overtaken with a fault... help him. Do not go around putting him down, thinking you are pulling up tares... could be wheat!

We are justified before God thru faith (that not of yourself). Justified before man by outward works (nothing to do with salvation). May Gods grace and peace be multipled to you thru Jesus Christ our Lord and may He give us understanding of His Great love wherein HE HAS loved us!