Our God personifies the best qualities of every human relationship.

Our God is the Protective Father, the Compassionate Mother, the Consummate Lover and the Intimate Friend.

In fact, He personifies the best qualities of every human relationship.

You are His child... and His children can never be beyond the reach of His love.
Jonah proved, you can’t outrun God’s love.
Lot bore witness that you can’t out sin His love.
Jacob laughs, “you can’t outsmart His love.”
Enoch finally left this world saying, “you can’t outlive His love.”
Jesus came to show, “You can’t outdo God’s love.”
His love whispers in the Laughter in a joke,
the Flavor in a gourmet meal,
the Calm on a pond’s surface at dawn.
His love is the Shelter in the storm, and the rainbow afterwards.

His love brings Him aggressively into the circumstances of our lives:
To the weary – He is Rest.
To the disheartened – He is Hope..
To the confused – He is Wisdom.
To the lost – He is the Way.
To the guilty – He is Forgiveness.
To the troubled – He is Peace.
To the scared – He is Courage.
To the spurned – He is the Great Lover.

His love for us can’t be diminished by your doubts, or stopped by your sins, or even repelled by your rejection.