Christians need to try and keep the law!

This is a big one, most Christians I have met are extremely confused by this. They seem unsure what to do with the law, it seems that the New Covenant renders the Old Covenant irrelevant for the believer but God gave the Old Covenant and we should still try do the laws, right? Right?

Of course not. But that’s too scary for many Christians to imagine… I mean if we don’t have a rule that says “thou shall not kill”, then all the Christians, righteous by nature and walking in the Spirit would go on killing sprees, right?

I think not.
You see the law isn’t what determines our conduct, lets face it we’ve had the law for thousands of years and it didn’t do much to stop us sinning!

Our decision to walk in the Spirit or not is the deciding factor in our walk being one of healthy choices.

1 Timothy 1:9-10 says that “the law is NOT for the righteous but for the unrighteous”

Phil Drysdale  -