Stop trying to be free from sin!

It is the beautiful scandal of the gospel that the only way to be free from sin is to stop trying to be free from sin!

Paul himself said that “the strength of sin is the law” (1 Cor 15:56). If we insist on being conduct focused we will continue to be slaves to sin, if we change gears and focus on our beliefs we will inherit a greater reality, that we are righteous in Christ!

Lord, help me to not be conduct focused today but beliefs focused. If I sin today help me not to make big of the sin but rather make big of the Christ who has destroyed sin. Help me to root out the lies which I am believing that still cause sins in my life so that I might be transformed by the renewal of my mind and not by my changed actions!

Thank you that overcoming sin is not my job, it’s yours – my only job is to place my trust in you.

Phil Drysdale  -